Equipment Qualification - Services for Nuclear Operators

For nuclear operators, ExpertKlif realizes three types of activities:

  • Project management of qualifications
  • Supervision of qualifications
  • Engineering consultancy

Project management of qualifications

This activity consists in the management of the following tasks:

  • Tasks linked to the initial equipment qualification: writing the strategy report which defines the method to qualify equipment (tests, analysis, or mixed method), writing the tests specification, contracting the tests with a laboratory, supervising the tests, analysing the tests reports, writing the Qualification Synthesis Report (QSR) and the Qualification Preservation Sheet (QPS).
  • Tasks linked to the on-going qualification of equipment (Long Term Operation): writing the on-going qualification strategy report which defines the on-going qualification method (examination of equipment removed from site to compare the characteristics of aged and new equipment, qualification tests on equipment removed from site, replacement or renovation of equipment…), performing the different tasks of the chosen method, updating the QSR.

Supervision of qualifications

This activity consists in supporting the nuclear operator for the supervision of equipment qualification assigned to equipment manufacturers. ExpertKlif can take in charge the review of the overall qualification documentation produced by the manufacturer (strategy document, tests specification, tests reports, QRS, QPS).

If necessary, ExpertKlif can support the manufacturer to write the documents.

Engineering consultancy

Examples of activities :

  • Coaching of suppliers who are in charge of qualifications
  • Support for the instruction of Safety Authority questions on Equipement Qualification
  • Support to optimize the qualification strategies regarding costs, time and risks limitation
  • Writing of methodological guides