Equipment qualification - Services for suppliers

For suppliers (equipement suppliers or assemblers), ExpertKlif takes part in two types of activities: engineering consultancy and project management of qualifications.

Engineering consultancy

This activity includes the following types of prestations:

  • Coaching of suppliers: 

    The aim is to support the supplier to set-up and organize the qualification process. Based on supplier’s needs, management of some steps of the qualification process can be proposed (see below).

  • Management of discussions with the plant operator:

    Assisting the supplier in its discussion with the plant operator (in charge of the validation of the qualifications)  in order to accelerate the validation process of the documentation and decision-making in critical steps of qualification process. This allows the supplier to get sooner his equipment qualification.
  • Analysis of equipment qualification feasibility

    It is done by comparing qualification requirements of the given project with equipment performances and features, in order to determine the feasibility of the qualification.

Project management of qualifications

 This activity consists in the management of the different tasks linked to the qualification process :

  • Writing the qualification strategy report which defines the method to qualify equipment (tests, analysis, or mixed method),
  • In the case tests are required, writing the tests specification, contracting the tests with a laboratory, supervising the tests, analysing the tests reports,
  • Writing the Qualification Synthesis Report (QSR) and the Qualification Preservation Sheet (QPS).